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QWhat will the calls cost?

A: In-network calls are FREE for members calling each other over the network. Pay As You Go call plans allow you to call any fixed number within the countries listed at a fixed cost per minute. If you call someone who is outside the countries listed in your selected call plan you will be able to call them at low national/international call rates, take a look at our latest national/international call rates.

Q:  Is there a subscription charge?

A: There is no subscription charge to be connected to the XPsip network. Our Pay-as-you-Go means you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Unlike some providers your credit will never expire so you can make calls next week or next year. The only stipulation is you keep your account in credit. You can top up your account 24/7 via your online control panel.

Q:  Can I subscribe wherever I live?

A: Yes, you can subscribe to XPsip no matter where you live in the world. We will send you the phone no matter where you are. All you need is a broadband internet connection to use the service.

Q:  Is there a cost to get going?

A: Yes, the entry level Bronze plan costs 49.95. The Bronze call plan includes a new XPsip phone, 100 call minutes to get you started and full support to activate your service. Bronze plan.

Q:  Do I have to download any software?

A: No.

Q:  Is there support? 

A: Yes, we offer several types of support via telephone and e-mail. We will guide you through the phone set up process.

Q:  Do I have to buy a special phone?

A:  No, when you subscribe we will send you a phone which enables you to make calls via the internet.  Technology.

Q:  What will my phone number be?

A:   You will be given a XPsip 6 digit phone number when you subscribe. This is the phone number you will use to receive FREE calls from other XPsip subscribers, there are no monthly fees for this number but you cannot receive calls from traditional or mobile phones with this number.

If you want to receive calls from any regular or mobile phone you can add a local phone number to your account. You can add a telephone number from your home country so your friends, family or business customers can call you in the normal way. Depending on the number you choose there is a small monthly cost of around 4.99. Numbers.

Q:  Can I connect a cell phone?

A:   No, you cannot connect a cell phone to our network. 

Q:  Can I surf the Internet while I'm talking?

A:  Yes, if your bandwidth permits you will be able to talk on the phone and surf at the same time. 

Q:  What is a SIP phone adaptor?

A:  SIP stands for Session Internet Protocol. It is a very common standard for setting up calls between internet devices.

Q:  What is broadband?

A:  Broadband is typically considered anything faster than a dial-up modem connection. Examples would be: DSL, Cable modem, ISDN, T1.

TopQ:  Do I need a computer?

A: Yes and No, your phone can be connected directly to your computer or can be plugged into a hub. But since all the XPsip account features are all controlled online via your personal account control panel, it is recommended that you use a computer to manage your account.

Q:  Can I use dial up?

A: It is recommended that you have a broadband internet connection as the minimum bandwidth requirement is 128 kb/s in each direction (a total of 256 kb/s).  Additionally the connection must be stable and up to the task of transmitting voice packets in a timely or reliable manner. 

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