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XPsip membership enables you to:               

  • Turn your internet connection into a free phone line with digital quality.

  • Use this plan to make calls to your office across town or the world for Free. If all of your offices/depots subscribe then you can call each other FREE all day every day.

  • Make Free calls to any other XPsip user. Tell all your friends and family to join so you can talk Free no matter where they live in the world. Imagine being able to make Free international calls, with XPsip you can.

  • Use a corded or cordless phone.        

Sign Up and Start Making Free XPsip Calls


Sign up for an XPsip account and start making FREE calls right away. It's that easy. With an XPsip account you will get unlimited worldwide XPsip to XPsip calling as well as a long list of standard features that most phone companies charge extra for.

The revolution is here. You can now make unlimited XPsip to XPsip phone calls to anywhere in the world at no charge.
Calls to other XPsip members are always free, no matter where in the world they live. All you need is a broadband internet access - wired or wireless.

To get started
there is a one off set up/activation charge of 49.95 which includes a new SIP phone and 100 minutes of UK talk time*. We will give you full support to help you activate the service.


The computer hardware requirements are

PC: 300 MHz Pentium II processor or faster.
PC: Windows 98 or later.
128 MB RAM
One free USB Port
Internet access via broadband with at least 256 Kbps connection.

*the 100 minutes does not include calls to mobiles, premium rate numbers, non geographical (eg 0845) or international calls, but you will still be able to make calls to those numbers at the 125telecom low call rates.

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