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Global Presence

Go Global

Add a global phone number from different areas of the world to create your own global business presence. The number or numbers you choose will all ring out on your XPsip phone.

When your customer rings your New York or Toronto phone number it will automatically ring your XPsip phone, your customer will not know that you are not in New York or Toronto.

Any Xpsip account can receive calls from regular phones directly with an Xpsip Direct Incoming Phone Number. These numbers can ring your XPsip phone located anywhere in the world and are fully configurable using your XPsip online control panel.

XPsip customers can have a Direct Incoming Phone Number with a USA/UK/Canadian area code, choose from 36 different US states, as well as London, Toronto and USA/Canada. More international XPsip Direct Incoming Phone Numbers will become available on an ongoing basis.

Direct Incoming Phone Numbers ring your XPsip phone wherever you are connected to the internet. This means that if you had a London number callers can dial your London number and you could be in Madrid or Hong Kong when the phone rings. This allows you to receive calls in Madrid or Hong Kong without the caller having to pay for a long distance call.

With the online control panel you are able to divert your calls to any phone number you wish, you can divert calls to a land line number or a mobile number.

Appear to have an office in New York USA yet answer the calls in Sydney Australia, the possibilities are endless. See our numbers section for more details.

All XPsip Direct Incoming Phone Numbers include free advanced forwarding options which allow for PBX like features. Hunting, forwarding, ring all, free voicemail to email, conference and more will give you the ability to control your phone like never before. Add a Direct Incoming Phone Number to any plan or prepaid account from just 4.95 per month.


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