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It has been estimated that by 2013 all interactive voice communication will be transported on the internet. This includes what we now know as "phone calls" as well as what is becoming known as e-calls. E-calls are phone calls which use the internet rather than calls which use the traditional phone network.

They may include new services like a single number that follows the customer anywhere or allowing the customer to manage incoming calls any way they want and anywhere they want, on mobile phones, computers, appliances or personal assistants like Palm Pilots. XPsip is at the forefront of this enormous transition. XPsip customers are benefiting today from forward thinking technology.

The internet is now the most cost-effective network in the world for phone-to-phone calling and it is a global network providing consistently high voice quality for e-commerce and e-calling. The Internet is cost effective and efficient way to carry all data including voice transmission. XPsip provides the quality that makes voice transmission on the internet not only practical, but also compelling.

A customer connects to the XPsip telephone network and dials their calls with either a corded or cordless SIP phone. Apart from a SIP phone there is no need for any special equipment.

The caller has to have an account with XPsip in order to use these services. The internet allows XPsip customers to take advantage of the huge cost benefit of using the public internet while assuring the consistent carrier grade and quality of call service. The XPsip customer is also able to use the internet to make Free calls to any other XPsip subscriber worldwide.

XPsip customers are able to manage their account with the Online Administrative Control Panel: Check your call usage, dates, times, lengths and locations of your calls, view your most called numbers, forward calls to any fixed or mobile phone, receive voice messages via e-mail, personalize a phone book for speed dialing, and check your payments and invoices anytime you need.

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